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Yelp Review: Stephanie L.

Faiza Chaudhry was wonderful to work with! She was very organized regarding the preparation and maintenance of the lease, receipts for the checks I wrote for the apartment I rented, and staying on schedule when meeting with me to handle the business of seeing the apartment and signing the lease. She was so kind to me and always very professional. I could tell she had been in the real estate business for quite some time. I would definitely use her again in the future when looking to re-locate. See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Insightful, Trustworthy, and Patient

"Collin was my most trusted agent when I was trying to rent my apartment in the South End. He was insightful, trustworthy, and patient. He clearly knew much more about the market and the tactics than other agents, too (other agents suggested I lower the rent, but he advised against it for good reason)." "He found my current tenant, so the results were good. I would definitely work with Collin again." See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews  

Very Helpful Through the Entire Process

"Collin helped me find a place to live in a short amount of time and was very helpful through the entire process. He knows his market well and is able to deliver exactly what you are looking for and does not push you in one way or another based on what's just currently on the market. He really does a good job." See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

In Depth Knowledge of the Marketplace

"I had the opportunity to work with Collin in searching for my last apartment rental. I found him great to work with. He is extremely professional, diligent, and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the marketplace. He offered solid advice when I was making my final decision and I look forward to working with him again when I make my next move." See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews  

We Love the Apartment

Worked with Faiza and she was fantastic! She was very responsive to our questions, asked for feedback on apartments we saw to ensure that she found places we really liked, worked within our busy schedule, and followed through on all necessary paperwork until everything was signed and confirmed. We love the apartment we're moving into and would not have found it without her! See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Easy and Less Stressful

I had the pleasure to work with Faiza earlier this month, and can honestly say that she was the most personable and caring person I have ever met through this process. She listened to all of my needs in an apartment and worked for countless hours to show me ones that were in my budget.  With every apartment that she found, she would send me the listing so I can see all of the specs. Unlike most real-estate agents, she was never pushy and always gave great advice on the area. She made the process of finding an apartment from New Jersey easy and less stressful through her knowledge and dedication for her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is searching for a home in Boston and will refer all of my friends and family to her in the future.  Out of all the agencies I have come across ( which were many) I can honestly say that Faiza has been the most professional and willing to help me find the apartment I truly needed and imagined. Thank you again Faiza!! See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Always Detailed, Professional, and Responsive

Like some of the [other reviewers], I too was on a limited time schedule flying from San Francisco to Boston earlier this summer. I had four days to find an apartment. I was emailing Faiza Chaudhry with back to back email messages after seeing her ad on Craigslist. Her emails were always detailed, professional, and responsive to my needs. After two afternoons with other agents, I realized that the apartments that I was shown were not what I was looking for. I explained my situation to Faiza and she quickly told me to visit her at her office. Luckily, I was in the area and we were immediately able to go into a unit with short notice. Essentially, she has a sense of urgency, which is extremely important in the industry - real estate moves quickly! I found the perfect apartment because of Faiza and her team. More importantly for this review, if things didn't work out, I was confident in allowing Faiza to choose an apartment for me after my departure. She knows my taste, budget, and finding a place that felt "right." Till this day, we are still in contact as she is the liaison between my landlord and me. Despite the financial transaction being done, I know that I can count on Faiza with any concerns or questions in the future - now that is a good working relationship! Although this review is about my experience with Faiza, I can speak on behalf of the entire Century 21 team. They are a family business, which explains their high skill level and experience, history in working with multiple customers, and familiarity with the Boston market. Cheers! See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Very Professional and Accommodating

Request Michael Shaffer! Very professional and accommodating. Michael literally re-arranged his schedule to meet my limited availability to view apartments. Responds instantly to phone calls, texts, emails. Excellent agent. Highly recommended. See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Incredibly Responsive, Warm, and Attentive

I am re-locating from DC to Boston and recently had the pleasure of working with Faiza Chaudhry, who was a great help in finding apartments.  She was incredibly responsive, warm, and attentive, making the apartment search a lot easier than it typically is for an out-of-towner.  In particular, she did a fantastic job considering all of our needs when finding apartments, and always notified us immediately when she came across any good options. Faiza was also a wonderful liaison between myself, the landlord, and the property realtor, helping to ensure that everything was in order and all documentation had been thoroughly reviewed before even signing the lease. She is an excellent agent who I highly recommend, and will certainly be using her in the future should I continue to live in Boston! See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews


Collin Bray is EXCEPTIONALLY knowledgeable about the Boston areas real estate market. However, a lot of realtors are knowledgable. What sets Collin apart is his integrity, genuine interest in giving first rate customer service, and his work ethic. I have worked with him on a few deals, and he is the first person I think of to call anytime I, or anyone I know, is looking to rent, buy, or sell. He is a consummate "under promise over deliver" professional. I strongly encourage anyone to use his services. See more Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews