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Keys to choosing the Perfect Real Estate Agent

January 31st, 2020

In the U.S. there are over 2 million licensed real estate professionals so choosing an agent should be a well-thought-out process. While the sea of real estate agents is vast, here are the keys to choosing a real estate agent that will find you your dream home.

Find references

There are 4 common sources to use in your search to find your perfect real estate agent

Family and Friends- Your network of family and close friends is a great resource for finding the real estate agent you need. An agent that works with people you trust goes a long way.

Visit open houses and network – Open houses can be a great way to meet new people and have them refer you to agents they may know. Visting many open houses gives you a clear idea of how those agents handle themselves.

Contact an agent you’ve used previously – If your experience was great with an agent you have already purchased a home with, stick with what you know and use that agent. It’s beneficial to build a relationship with one agent instead of constantly searching for one.

If all else fails, search for an agent on a website such as Realtor.com or Century 21.com – The process of searching through realtor.com will take you longer to find the perfect agent but it can be still effective as long as extensive research is done.

Lastly, using a well-known and trusted Real Estate Agency is a great tool as well. Make sure to look over their real estate agent’s social media profiles and reviews for a fuller picture.

Interview at least 3 agents

When buying their home most people only interview 1 agent. Interviewing more than one buyer’s agent is key to gauging their experience in the market, and how they communicate. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent what they can provide you, how they find properties, negotiating skills, and the team that supports them. Once the interviews are done go with your gut and pick the agent that you like and trust the most.

Presentation is Key

Appearance does matter. You want an agent that adheres to the 5 ps, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Does the agent take notes while listening to the needs of your home? Does the agent come to meetings well-dressed and engaged? Does the agent try to accommodate to your schedule as well as your preferred forms of communication? All these factors matter and separate a good agent from a great agent.

Century 21 Cityside

Knowledge on Neighborhood

Everyone has certain amenities they want in their house; A/C, laundry, hardwood floors, etc. But have you thought about neighborhood and lifestyle? Knowing if you want a gym in a 5-minute drive from your house or a Wholefoods within a 10-minute walk from your house should give a real estate agent instant clues to where you may want to live.

“Just say No”! To Yes Men

While you may have a set neighborhood you want to live in, you want a Real Estate agent that will focus on finding you the best living situation. Once the agent knows and understands your needs, trust the agent to find you the best location and investment. The agent’s job is to find you the best home location by balancing your wishes with their honest opinion not be a yes man or yes woman.


The saying goes “Patience is a Virtue” and that applies with finding the right Real Estate Agent to help you buy your home. Again, it is a process that should be done with care. While these following steps may take time, once the right real estate agent is found you have an agent for life.

Century 21 Cityside specializes in luxury real estate within Boston. We focus on neighborhoods such as Back Bay, Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Seaport, etc. We work with rentals as well as purchases. We strive to provide upscale and professional service. If you have any questions about hiring your next agent please call 617-262-2600 or email Jordan.Bray@C21.com